Circuit Services welcomes the opportunity to meet your SMT requirements for assembly.  In order to save time and therefore offer our best pricing we request that our customers meet certain requirements to avoid additional charges and delays.

Documentation requirements:1

Software requirements: Circuit board requirements:6 Component packaging:8 First Article Assembly: All prices quoted are budgetary and based on customer meeting the above requirements. Prices are subject to change until after final review and receipt of all supplied parts and/or boards for assembly. Delivery times are after receipt and final review of all supplied components and/or boards. Set-up charges quoted are also based on the above requirements. Set-up charges include: Solder paste film and stencil, custom tooling or fixtures, kit audit and verification, programming for pick and place, feeder preparation, solder paste stencil preparation and product specific thermal profile for solder paste reflow.

Questions concerning the above requirements or the manufacturing capabilities of Circuit Services can be answered by calling 504-468-9714, faxing 504-468-9726 or email questions to We welcome you to visit our website at


1 Documentation may be supplied as a "WORD" file, "EXCEL" file or hard paper copy.
2 An example of a "type of part" is: SOIC-8 pin, QFP-160 pin, PLCC-84 pin, etc.
3 An example of a "type of packaging" is tube, waffle tray, 8mm tape, 12mm tape, bulk, etc.
4 Drawings may be supplied as "Gerber" files, "DXF" files or hard paper copies.
5 Non-standard SMT components are defined as connectors, headers, sockets, transformers, LEDs, etc.
6 Circuit board requirements apply for circuit boards supplied by customer and not manufactured at CSI.
7 Fiducial marks are isolated targets placed on the board for the purpose of verifying registration of the board, panel or component location during assembly. Board/panel fiducials are usually placed diagonally opposing on two of the outside corners. There should be a minimum soldermask clearance of .015".
8 Component requirements apply for all components supplied by customer and not supplied by CSI.