Our skilled team uses hi-tech manufacturing equipment and advanced processes to build your circuit board.

Our fabrication facility is optimized for small to medium production runs, but we also place a special emphasis on servicing prototype business. Our standard turnaround time on a bare board prototype order is typically 3-5 days.

CSI is qualified to fabricate MIL-PRF-55110 Type 2, double- and single-side printed wiring boards. Our fabrication shop is qualified to Underwriters Laboratories Inc. standard UL 796, Printed-Wiring Boards, and our flammability classification under that standard is 94V-0.

We fabricate single-sided, double-sided, and multi-layer printed wiring boards. Our fabrication processes are listed below:

a. Photo Dept.
We utilize 2 in-house photoplotters to expose photographic film under computer controlled software. The photoplotter provides the precision necessary for modern fine-line circuitry and our state-of-the-art CAM software assures accurate set-up as well as fast turnaround.  We maintain 24-hour email notification to allow quick response to transfer of Gerber files for photo-plotting.
b. Drilling & Fabrication.
(1) Computer numerical control (CNC) drill, rout or score file generation in which we generate a  computer file from a CAD-produced Gerber file.
(2) CNC drilling
(3) CNC routing
(4) CNC scoring (very effective for assembly panelization)
c. Imaging.
Our imaging department uses the latest in dry film resist technology.
d. Screening.
Our shop is fully equipped to process nomenclature and solder mask operations.
e. Plating.
CSI has facilities and processes for plating Nickel, Gold, Copper and Tin-Lead. Our processes are monitored routinely through lab analysis, X-ray Fluorescence measurement, and panel cross-sections.
We have on-site, the machinery and processes for fabricating Solder-Mask-Over-Bare-Copper (SMOBC) PWBs using conventional or LPI solder mask.
g. Electrical Test.
We can test on-site your bare PWBs using our bed-of-nails, computer-driven testing equipment.
PWBs tested with this equipment are 100 percent tested for open- and short-circuit faults.

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