Our skilled Team of assembly technicians will build your boards using hi-tech equipment and processes

CSI's assembly operation augments our bare board fabrication business.

We are best equipped to assemble conventional thru-hole assemblies in small to medium production runs because our component insertion process is manual.  Because automatic pick & place equipment require special component packaging and programming, it is often cost prohibitive to assemble less than large quantities with this type of equipment.  Our component preparation is semi-automatic and we use a wave soldering machine for all production jobs.

For surface mount assembly we have manual and automatic pick & place equipment for the assembly of Surface-Mount Technology components. We price competitively for the small runs that suit our facility.

CSI assembles printed wiring boards for military as well as commercial uses.  Our assembly processes are consistent with mil-specs cited in the latest naval ship specifications.

Our purchasing department  is experienced in purchasing components for military and commercial assemblies.

Circuit Services welcomes the opportunity to meet your SMT requirements for assembly.  When quantities are sufficient, SMT assembly can be a very effective way to cut the cost of assembling printed circuit boards.  This is achieved through the use of our automatic pick & place equipment.  The time saved is translated into dollars saved.  In order to save this time and therefore offer bargain pricing we request that our customers meet certain requirements to avoid additional charges.

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